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Treatment in German or English

FiSchE ©

Early interactive Speech therapy with Parent Training

The FiSchE © treatment concept is an indirect treatment program for children whose language development is delayed. Therapy is based on the parents' conversations with their child -- even if the child cannot reply in words. Parents learn to adjust their behaviour so that everyday situations are more effective for encouraging language development.  The child learns language in a goal-oriented but natural way. It is rarely too early to start: even very young children who have been diagnosed as being at risk for developmental delay benefit from early treatment.

The methods used are based largely on international literature on treatment of early speech development, but also integrate concepts which are unique or important to European culture, such as principles of Maria Montessori and strategies of second language learning and teaching. The training takes place during individual sessions.

Information on milestones in language learning can be obtained on the Prof. Dr. Amy Wetherby's First Words Website:

Babies learn to talk at an amazing rate

What parents have reported

Treatment of storytelling (narrative) abilities

The ability to tell a story is linked to speech and language as well as intellectual and personality development. Storytelling ability is an important factor in everyday life and has considerable influence on success in school. The concept used was developed through working with children. It systematically improves storytelling abilities using games and activities for specific and holistic goals.

Accent reduction in German or English

The goal of accent modification, or accent reduction, is to change the sounds and melody of your speech while you are speaking English or German.  The "colouring" of your native language in English or German will be modified so that you can be understood more easily.

Accent modification is usually for non-native speakers of English or German.

Speech-language pathologists (SLP) are uniquely educated to analyse speech sounds and to help modify speech patterns.